Artizin Studio is a premier fiber art brand based in the Midwest, specializing in macrame and macraweave. The brand focuses on blending traditional techniques with modern designs to create unique and stunning pieces. Every artwork is handcrafted by Vaibhavi, who enjoys collaborating with clients to design bespoke fiber art for homes and businesses.

Artizin Studio offers engaging workshops, parties, and retreats. Ideal for makers honing their craft, corporate team-building, and family activities, our sessions inspire creativity and foster connection.

For the DIYers, we provide an array of DIY kits, detailed patterns, and video tutorials. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, our resources will guide you through creating beautiful macrame and macraweave pieces at your own pace.

If you prefer to adorn your space or find the perfect gift, explore our collection of finished products. Each piece adds a touch of elegance and individuality, reflecting the unique charm of handcrafted fiber art.

At Artizin Studio, we create timeless fiber art that weaves together tradition, innovation, and personal connection, bringing beauty and inspiration to every space and heart.